Facebook challenge part 2: May 2024 results

I previously posted about my goal to get to $20k/month in 6 months using Facebook traffic.

Here’s how the first month went.


In the month of May, I did several things to increase revenue from Facebook traffic:

  • Used SmarterQueue and Facebook to experiment with different post types – links, Reels, text, image with link in caption, etc.
  • Discovered that the type of posts working the best (white text on black background, link in 1st comment) are getting the most outbound clicks by FAR
  • Increased number of posts/day from 3 to 5


My initial goal was for Facebook traffic to be 10% of our overall traffic which is it is now. 🙌

As a result, the revenue generated from Facebook traffic has increased as well.

In my previous update, I shared that the last month’s FB revenue was $639.08.

For May, that number went up to $1,809.89.

Although this is still far away from my goal of $20,000/month, it is a big increase that I’m happy with.

lessons learned

Throughout this month, I’ve learned a couple of things I’ll be taking into the next month.

Strevio is the best tool to use

I’ve gone back and forth on using Strevio because it’s not very affordable for a scheduling tool, it only does Facebook, and it has very specific functionality it provides for Facebook posts.

For instance, they don’t currently offer uploading videos or posts that have multiple photos.

My testing showed that those types of posts don’t do well for us anyway, so it isn’t a big deal. Those style of posts also didn’t perform well for the Strevio developers which is why they didn’t create the functionality.

However, I understand they will be offering some more functionality in the future per user requests.

Another reason that I kept going back to Strevio even as I was experimenting with other tools is that the analytics it provides on every post are fantastic.

Seeing the stats allows me to know what works and re-queue content that has done well so it can be posted again in the future.

Sharing lower RPM links leads to….lower FB RPMS

It would be easy to blame Facebook users for having lower RPMs than other platforms, but I don’t think that’s true.

I think the truth is that a lot of the best performing things I’ve been sharing on Facebook happen to also be shorter articles with lower RPMs.

It’s a fine balance between sharing content that FB users like and also sharing content that will earn higher revenue.

I’ll continue experimenting to hopefully find the sweet spot of sharing content people want to click on and also will keep them reading.

what’s next

As I mentioned in my first update, I knew that I’d eventually want to start a second Facebook Page since my main FB page has over 100k likes and a smaller page might see higher reach.

Well, that time has come as I’ve just started a second FB Page and can’t wait to see how that does.

I’ll be back next month to let you know how it went.

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